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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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asor those ithe community..somare glad its back. dea busier/king sooper opper sot: 1:13 i'm excitefor it. s not all about abortions. its abt evenve, people who are young and might ne birthontrol. stand up: while some are glad itba....otrs are very angrabout it. as you can see the proteors e adse/p parenthoodtestorot: 1:25 i wish they woclose down for good. th describe the 3 months the clin was wonderful. but now with it reopening they're fearg the wors...which is y theye ick to gratheir signs again. father bill carmody/planned parenthorotest sot: 1:09 myear is that noey're going to get more careless and more babies are going to die. so:5ita struggle but if you can change that one heart, that one mind, by educating somebody....its worth it. as for security and e possibility of a copy cat shooting? planned parenthood didn't discuss their ocedes.. but most people we tald to in the nearby shopping center....weren't too worried about . dea busier/king soopers shopper sot: 2:34 no concern. not at all nancy kendall sot::01 i live right down the street and i have no issue. even though planned pantho didn't get io any specifics....ty did
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some changes to security procedures a even the building itself.... however, ceo has mtioned multletimes they will not make this clin look like an armored rtress and that it needs to be warm and welming services. live in co greg ngo news five. now-et'sake a live look and eblo mildemperatures... wind!! focaster mike daniels. peak wind gusts day across our area in the 40's and 50's current wieds. ho by hour, paly cudy skies early then clearing overnight. tuesday wille mostly sny and noas windy. temperatures wl start chly then warnily fromid
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new informatn ... onnth into the n year and the eservoirs already dealing with higwater levels. thpaas temporaly shut down the south boat ramp... for at lea the next month. news fivs lena howland ive at the reservoir.. with more hat this mns.. lena? water here at lake pblo is six feet higher than it was at this time last year. fosafety rsons, th means the rk has sdown of two boat ramps... but found many fos out toy still taking full advantage of this extra water. water nats i don't think ve eveen it this high! a home of adntur-- reaching new heights. i me, there's uslly a ll over here that's exposednd eres a peninsula over there that shod be exposed and nowit'sompletely unrwater it sms like it's fy ,
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haen wh spring runofon top thi water levelseported 6 fee higher than this same time last year... parkicials s -- it s fromea reion ing backe water cause of higher motu lels last ye. well today i was very surprised to come downit's ful it's really full. the couple of yrs it's been probably the fullest i've evereen it and i've been down hereor about 15 yes now is mh water though -- isn' getting in the way of professional waboarder blaivans a lot of debriis kind of in e water but it's cl to have so mh space to enjoy what watewe have takingull advantagof having morem tolay.last year diddrop ch er so if h re f a fl poolwe ve macto re bee e'a loof peoplth coown here in e summertime the efft he seeisore peopsingis nth boaramp -- tn us ckilis lakdoesave tw marinaand u can stl geon
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even if you are soe that goes tthe uth shor you just kind of havto make a ttle trearouthe h shordropr booverther for now thgh -- folks are encouraged to be patient... park officiaay they don't pect this boat ramp to open up for one to possibly two months! live at lake pueblo ate park, lena howland, ws fe. peop in momentay lea tomorrhether or nowate s cod go up. thboard truees sa the haveeen keing rates articalllow r too long a at's w theve pposed nerate schedule. but the economic development rporion s a ick ike rates cou harm business andommunity growth. will be at their regularly schedud meetintomorrownd decision. homeowne affected by landides in colodo sings may learn about their options for relief tomorrow. two commity meings will be
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ant ogram. as we've bn following r edib wet wtherast spring csed to shift unr hos thughouthe yway a broad blus nehborhoods. sohe citis applying for a fema grant thelp them reaca settlement. ave all the inrmatn about thmeets fo ght noat koaco following up forou tonight: we've arned the na of a woman killed or thweekend in a crash i5. policeay s was 35-year-o danielle gre-cortez as we first told youn sunday morning---hepick-up trk hi barrier along the shoulder of i-25 near fontanero. police the she was not wearing a seat-belt---anit is beeved at alcohol played a part in this cras new toght: a canon city man accused using star wars lego sets to scam people out of money. william murray faces chargesf theft. victlost 14-thousa dollar. after muay advertised lego sets for sale online, but asked
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anyonelse who may be a victim askedcall canon city po. therwi sn be a place r vets in r community to get help they need... in a varty of wa. the "mt. carmel cenr of eellence" off 8tstreet on thwest se of colodo springs... only news 5's bi folsom went inde the facility today get a tter idea of how it ll help e community. bill-? you recall jay cino the headf phil long audealerships bought the old mt carmel chch in trinidad a few years ba andurned into a wellssenter for that commity. now, hs taken a building in coloraodprgs and turneit into aisnce nter, also der the titlof mount rm....lyhis one'for vetera.. ter near 2arin ar as flight medic...christina mainez is now leavg the mitary "wi decid toake that ansion iidn't think would be this difficult. "trying to match tt occupation with civiilian occupatio
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an aveten....he w mas the "veteran integtion program" service helpintranne skills for getng a civilian job. trning forhings rs d have to realzing the armhas itwn language that does not tralate well to civili life. "we're ud tocronymand weused tmilita jarn. th's wt we know and hwe ve tget e to ung civilian jargon." the teation, programno inteatg itselfo knew locati sti uernstruc on e new mount carmel center cent of exllence. idea and e mission to help vetananfali wh ansitional serces. "we'reoi thelp veterans d fali n jt nd cares, but helthalg e y. under the onmount carmel roof....spacwill go to multiple veteran serce agen. many aeadyuccessl. "don reinvent thwheewhen yodo this. rk wh coity paners." if body comes ir one seice.d otr neare idfiedt ma jus
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aybe iis a fancial need, maybe it's an educatl need. now i have the abilityo walk right next door and talk to somedy and get that pers connected instantaneously. an idefrom private businessman.....joining together public services. "truly believing it's going to be a mel for our country." mef e groups that will ve offic amouncael inud t u.s., el por undaton,l soount workforce ceerndivisn humaseic.. th'lbe movngn overhe next couplof mons. a seat now empty on the u-s supreme urt after the death of justice scalia over the weekend. ahead at 6:30-why politicians onoth sideof the aislere already debating who takes that spot. and wa dry conditionthis week--cod spk grass fires. a live report ourire daer, coming up. i'm ke diels. i'll havyourxtend first alerfiveorecast next at
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esdamorninonew5 day...
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a lo at cameras across colorado... viewer photos from last weends ice festival icripple creek. highs today inhe 60's. currt temperatures all or uthe colado.. satelle piuresa few high th clouds he. next weather maker, high pressure will contue to rol our weather. tomorrow will be d and warm with less wind. lows tonight in the 20's and 30's. highs tomorrow ithe 50's and 60's. 7 day focast forheprin, highomorrow58, snynd rmer wednesday. strong gusty wd thursday with gh fire danger. highs will be pleasant through turday then cooler air sunday. pueblo high torrow 65. waer and dry wednesday. strong wind thursday with high fire dger. dry and warmriday and saturday en cooler air sunday. can city and woodland park, dry and breezy tomorrow. rmer sti wednesday. rong gty wind thursday with gh fire danger. sting mi through saturday
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colorado doesn't he st one fireeason. anytime we get a stretch of warm, dr windyeather it's uslly enough to dry out vetationndree more ris wi this ek's warm- a strong wingusts... could see higher fire danr this week.
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live in colorado springs tonight toets all know wt to kp an eye outor. fire danger could be a concern lar th w especially for the southeast plains for a few reasons. those areadi't get as much snow during our first of the month sn storm wve all been on the drier side since th. with our warmemperatures, ow has been sappearing ickly, even for ars that saw er a foo so now we don't have a lot of moisture in the ground and plants. as we get to thursday,e'll have warr d drr air in placegings a veryow relate humidity. windy conditions wilalso returby ursday. dry conditions and strong winds mean ideal circumstaes for fires to catch and read quickly. something everyone wwant to keep in mind ler this week. we'll be monitoring the weather conditions, but fire
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essentiafoeveryone this week. for now, live in colorado springs, meteorologist jessica van meter, news 5 u cacount onhe f art 5 atheamal kp an ey ctis foyou here-and online at koaa-dom a new list revls t most miserable places to liven our state. 'll tell you where they are next at si and fallen deputy--laid to rest in mesa county today. how the mmunity and officers from across the state...
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covering colorado tonight: law enforcement from around the state gaer today to honor the li of a fallen mesa countysheriff's deputy. deputy derek geer was fally wounded last monday while pursuing aarmed suspect. he w kept life suort for two days to allor organs to be doted. geer who left hind a wifand two childrenwas remembered as an honorablean who spent his life sving hisountry and community--both in the navy an with the sheriff's departnt. for the send time in a year the poli officer memorial in denver has been vaalized. e latest incident at denver police headqrters happenedomime in the overnight hours,....when red paint was poured a over the memorial.
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mornin officers s they have surveillance video of e latest incident and believehey will catch whomever is respsie. last year at the same time the memorial was also vandized with redaint, two men were taken into cusdyfter tt incide. c-dot crews t the day removing several large boulders, along i-70..on the western slope. they ce crashing down rly this morning near nglake tunnel in glenwood canyon. dot crews brought in what ey call a "boulder buster" toplit e huge roc so they could be ved out of the area. thankfly, no injuries or seris damage have been reported. xxxx wildlife magers in o state y they are concerned about the health of wild animalsn the weern slope--due to lack of food. colorado pks a wildlife says much of the food for owls, e and other animals is currely buri under feeof deesn in areas. but they also say it's a part of e cycle le inhe high countrand thnil polations have survived in hah winter condition for ceuriewithout human inrvention.
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are seeing elknd deer feed on food for lifestock in the area, the state will reimbur them if a substantial amount of food for ttle or rses is eaten. colorado oen tops lists of the happiest places in t nation... but there are somearts of the state wherthat's n nessarily the case. a new ll reveals whame feel a most miserable places to live in r state. the organization "road snacks" coiled the list by analyzing data about things like commute times, unemployment, co of ving and mage rates they found thever surb of sheridan is the mo miserable.. followedy edgeter and federal heights. list. ey s cherry lls village is the happiest the li put together following a harris poll taken last fall at revealed only onehirdf americans po being "y ppy". xxx rivalry week for colorado
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finale under the lightst coors field. prichard has morethe matchup, coming up isports. also ahe30.
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our totonight at 6:30... nearly 3 monthfter a deadly shooting at pld parenthood icolorado
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the clinic has reopened it's doors. there's still a lot of construction tbe done...but the inic is offeng full service to patient news 5's greg dingrando is live ide the clinic on centnialwith more on what this means. e building still has a long way to go before it looks like it did before..but planneparenthood saheir clients were just missing out on too much.. toelay t reopeany loer. cotriocrs we able to get creative and finish off enoughf thbuilding for the inico operate.hile construtiocan ill contin on thet of the building. so for it's a ttle less space....blanned pth ys wen will be able to get all of the services as before.....from the me doctors nurses tembe the big reoping doesn'come thout controversy ough. prady set up at their old post on the corner of centennial......but not everybody agrees with them. some are happy the clinic isback father bill carmody/planned pantod protestor sot: 0:3we thought it was wonderfufor colorado springs to be an aboion free citfor
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parenthood protestor sot: 0:46 sad thatts takin placand they're back tdoing the wrong thing. carole greathouse/shopper sot::17 its fine with . women have a right to chose. dea busier/king soopers shoppe sot: 1:13 i'excited r it. its not all about abortions.its about preventativefor people who are young and mighne tget on birth ntl. the other big issue with the clin reopening i safety..and thpoli of a py cat shooter. plned pareho didn't get into specifics...but d say there will be somehanges its secity procedures. en though planned parentho didn't get into any specifics....they did acknowledge that thereould be some changes to curity proced a even the builng self.... live in cos, greg dingrando news five. e man accused inhe planned parenthood shootings, robert dear, is due back in crt next week. he is facing 179-felony charges.. cludg first degree murder and temptemurd. 3-pele were killed and 9 others injured in thnomber
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a judge has ordered dear to undergo a mentalompetency exam in puebl.after he said he want tfireis defense team, and represenhimself. is supposed to be bk in cot on t 24th. xx he complete coverage of t reoping of planned parenthood d e case against de--ig n a koaa-d-c. washingto.. and on the campaigtrl... the's a debate over rlacingupreme court juste antoniscalia. he died over the weekend... athe agef 79. he w aeliable coervati vote on the high court... and w, republicans a decrate arguing over whether president oba hathe constitutional right... to appoint aominee of his ng. brian moore wi the sry from washington. ======= even awashinon preres say fare to justice scal's at war er h replacement - and whether itnt obama's choi to ma. t/ ec schultz / ite house spokesman :09-:19 "those responsibilities described in the constitution a irolad. there are no caveats. the constution does not includ exemptionsor election years,
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in office. decrats are outraged by senate joeader mih mcl'deariohe won conser a nomination until the next president takes offic... and the battle has spread from congress to the mpgn trail. t hillary clinton d presidential candidate :-:40 "the senate has duty to consider that and to decide whetr or not confirm whoever the president nates. applause repuans are vowi tmake is eleion fendum on how the next president will fill that open seat. son. d cruz / r presidenti candidate :46-: "we e one justicaway from losi our fundamental rights in thisry." jeb - who cng for a senate day - was joined for the first time in thisampaign by his brothere former president who successfully nominatejustices. sot/ forpresident george w. bush 1:00-1: ame here for two reasons. one, because i cardeeply about jeb. and, t, care deeplabout countr bunot eryone's cfortable th this fight. sot gov. john kasic/ r prestial candate 1:11:17 "scalia dies and one second after he's dead they already arting fhting about politics politics - but both des agree
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could teine the gh court's direction for cades to come. insert es two second pause audio ouue: "brian mooar, nbc news, washgton." a texas judge says she initial determin that an autop should bconducted on supreme court justice annin alia. but then says she changed her mind after speaking with scalia's doctor -- who reportedly confirmed tha the justice had a history of heart trouble and other illnses. xxxxx pope francis continues h tour of mexico this week. today he mass in the southern part of the country... ousands aveled long distces to attend... many havbeen lining up since yesterda the mass and music w read in three different local languages... approved by the pope in an effort to reach out to nive people. xxxx homeownersffd landides in corado sprgs may learn about their optis for relief trow. two mmity meingsill happeng to leteople kn about optingnto a federa grant prram. e've been following our incredibly wet weaer last spngaused land tshift under homes throughout t yw and bromo bluffs neigorods.
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fema grant to help them reach a ttlement. we have all the information about e meeting's foyou rit noatoaa-dot-m. peop in monument may learn tomorrowhether or no water could doublen some cases. as we fit reported last we...the board of trustees says they have been keeping rates artifically low for too long and that's why 've proposed a new rate schedule. but the ec developnt corporatn warnick spik in rates harm busind commitgrowth. we will be at thr regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow and keep you updated on their decision. new tonight: they're made help hwners conserve water. but colorado,...using rain rrels to help rigateour lawn and garden is technally agnst the law. news 5's andy koen.. speakingith the southern colorado lmaker leading the charge to change that. ok rq yocan buy them here .. but if y collect and store rain water in these barrels it's techcally agnst thw. ate presentative daneya esgar om pueblo wants to changeha "wheyou llp ur rn
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ofour ro andou use that to water your gden instead of turning yoose on andeaving it wateror an hour with ted water u realize where are yoatercoming from and u ght litt bit differently abt it might lp conserve the water that we need to in colorado to make sure thate maintain our great resour." the theory goes everrain drop and snowakthat rolls down our gutterin storm drains evtually findsts way here into streams and waterways that ow out of our state. so, trpinghat rainwate could harm states and cities depending ont downstream. but esgar says that scncis flawed. sue and did a great presentatithe interim water committee basically ying this is absolutely no inry this doesn't hurt downstream userso once we hed that report we decided t go ahead a try again t year." her bill wld limit consumers to usingust two barrels per usehold ... or a maximum of 110 gallons. and water must be used for irrigating l and garde esgar rried a similar bill
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she thinks it's got a beer chance thitime around. "w really been worng since september the oppion thfew ople thare opposed to it eally see if we could come up with a way to change the bill language a little bet that protects theoweausers with out really infringing on the ingrity of what we wanthe bill to be" an koen news. the barrel billill be introduced in commtee next week. tares being stolen acros the nation--ahead :3ow toet yr mo fore someone else does. first, let check back in wit mike in the weather nt. i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extended rst
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,,,,,,,, a look at across colora... viewer photos from last weekends ice feival in cripple creek. highs today in the 60's. currentemperaturesll or soutrn colorado.. sateite ctura fehigh ins . nexteaer mhi essu wilcontin t ntour athe tomoowl bery aarm with leswind lows tonight in the 20's and 30's. highs tomorrow ithe 's and 60's. 7 day forecast for the springs, high tomorrow58, sunny and warm wednesday stro gusty wind thursday wit high fire danger. highs ll be pleanthrough saturd then coolerir sunday. pueblo high tomorrow 65. waernd dry wednesday strong wind thursday with high fire danger. y and fday anrday then cooler air sunday.
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dry and breezy tomorrow. warmer still wednesday. strong gusty wind thursday with high fe da sting mildough saturday
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eris af excitent arou colorado college hockey is week.... ....but there's stl buness be doeforthbright lights of coors field.
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ahead, next in srts.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is a buzz nd colorad llege th week. t only are ty facing-off with tir rivs om up north,
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fa the piones unrneathhe bright ligs of coors field on saturday. she team isxced would be t ustatemenof the y. a one in a lifetchance to kehe pond hockey the practicebehind their house a ke it on the gest stthe n-has toer. already 20,000 tickets he been claimed r the c-c/d-u matchup and areoming he dto get gli of r ckey. and coacmike hiland he wantguyssoak it l in as the moment draws near. it goes to aferent level now, it's doors front of a huge audience, it's just going to be spectacular. but it goes a different level because is du, it alws does t now yore goi to tat ou whis someg reallypecial ey'll al some pr on trs fie rthisiday, count s-5 to be there all weekenlong to bring the festivities . althy aren pt cothis weekendr
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mikating o the team was handed eir first n ten gaon fri againsholy crobut bounce backediatelyith comp win tlit weekenseries falconoaches s althouglossnevee goal, it was r thamase eboa bitjust hat eeike wh things't qte go your way. ife lose, we wt to lose becauswe putur bt foot forward and the better team won thatightnot because we weren't quite read so really believe th is a meage they'll ke andt'll gfor dow hosberts y thisdatuay, avinne series left in the season. the air forcmen's basketball team breathed a ve heavy sigh of relief last week.....afte winning a season. you heard me rig, the falcons were 0 and 22 ing into las wednday's matchup with nevada d came out winner 3.
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nt nse tea thr rst n.....anas you might imag it lied a hueight off shous of evyoneho's sporting thisprogm a tgh set. taawayprre a wever into win? whh is real burdeto carry. yoalsotao althat do few ltle be y can win! u play the gameiffentlyhen u' plin wint. they d le thllgame s dietatesaturd but h gobrht saye's artisee a t of idencef her g team if y just got engaged--one company is offering big bucks for your wedding--how itworks,at sixd tax tu fraud a he probleso farhis year. the numbne tng you can do to aid getting scaed, coming
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toing your consur watch: just a few weeks io tax seon and fraud alreadbecoming a ge pbl. thi-s is warning people to fi aearly as possible d be extra vigi wh thr rerns d refunds.thhiar tros n beraced ba to st year's datsecuty breaches...where millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of i-thies.
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to fila fake return and get otpe'sax run sot/ kelli grant / cnbc :33 - :43 "in mostes, we're hearing that they're e-filing. they'rjust doing this in bulk...msivemo of returns and they know a lot of the are going to getejted, they're gog to be caught by e s" shsoayere's t a t anvidual psocan do to prevent fraud exptilg before the theives do... ideally by the end of is week. google sayit shutting down it'sfree oine eding service"... "picasa. google says it wants to ace its emphas ojust one pto service - google photos. e search giant says after rch 15 the company will no long supportheica desktop plication. hove pple who have downloaded the stware ca contin usi it,ut ggle won't pride more updates. t if you don wt use gole pho the cpany s it'lcreate ate "new ace xx the race igetting tighter in the battle to download music.
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pandora,y thy,..saw it's subscriber base shrink t lt quteof on this presidens y... yocatake advantage of some deals. many retailers are having storewide sales to clear out mercndise le over fr the holidays. president's day is traditionally also one of the biggest r buyi holidays of the year... with deale offerg additional incentives and savings. xxxx if y are engaged t marrie.. well here's someinancial incente!!! a sttup business in seattl called " offing ten thousand dollars to couple to u td a dream wedding.but, theres' a catch. if you wind up getting divorced, have to pait all back, plus intest. anthe interest rate dends on the neyweds odf ing together,...based on data from
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, partly cloudy tonight with lows in the 20's an30's. tuesdawill be sunny and mild with highs in the 50's and 60's
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it's a massi cex that's been sitting empty on the rthside of coloradsprings for 8 years... after nding troubles. but--finally this may get moving again. we'll tell you wt wee ar about plans ate and reducing stress... improving health all you haveo do is float. onlynews five at ten, we'll tellou about the benefan teresting netherapy u can findn southe colorad thanksor joi us for ws 5 6.
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hello and anks for joining us
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. - can we please y d oothe toddlers away from the sunglasses an i know that's where they all like to go, buwe're gettin a t of damage there. also from the lower yogurts. they tento juswant to put their finrs i - sothing going on th you and da? - no. what? no. - n't knowman, you guys arexcnging little peek-a-boo glces, anit's making me uncomfortable.
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when we were allock in e store, dinaind of...came on to me. wow. - yeah, ght? - i didn't know di was into fancy little porcelain doll-me - so, while we haven't caught the ccoon yet, i feel th startin havbetter underandi of hisatterns. so, you tath? - noi felt bad and i tolderthat i wasn't comforble dating auperviso and she was ol witit. - quick thki. - movi on, e final announcement fr dina. - les ro]efctive immediel i ll be stepngown fr mposition of assistant mager to associate level so thai y conctrateon.psonal tters. - well, think i speak for everne when say that's reall really sa i ow that m nna ss youronant iticm of ma lot. - i'm nna miss tt o. - sure treothing can sayo maou stay?
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come on, give me a c! all: c! - why can't i stop smiling [ueat si - i n't believeshe's stpi dn. - hmm. i wonder what her personal matte could be. hey, jonah. you got any ideas? - ? no, i don't-- mm-mm. - are r birdokay? haanodecked the live webm? maybe she hagambling debts anshe had take time off to do fars for the mob boss at s owes ney . asps maybe it's someing else - no, wond who'gonna reple he a lot of pplha bn suggesng it shou bme. nd of a groundel - u know, she d mentn a few weeks ago that her gramother was sick. - oh, at's gre! no, i didn'tean--no, it'suh... i was just saying, you know, like, if i gethat age, somedy put a bullein me. [chules] [the fixx's "one thingeads to another" pling] do wh ty sa sawhatou mean
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youolmeometng. i'm here, reportg for duty - , u' gon be workg here? with me? - yep. but i don want this to be awkward for you just bause i used to be above you, so go ahead, boss lady. telle what to do. - okay, well, i'm the boss now, so you better do what i say. - i make that don't ma that joke. okay, where do we start? look at all these fun colors. [knocking on door] hey, glenn, you nted te me - amy,e okut th winw with e, mt op woulsee loinck bui sea-- - i n't nto beassistant manar. - but u di't even look t thwi.ow. okrely iaheff, i . but it basical more wo for thsamemounof money. - since when have u en in ts r e moy?


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